More than twenty years ago, Stuart started paying "overweight" trucking violations as a result of buying, dismantling and hauling tons of stone and terra cotta. There was a time when no one else handled this stuff. Now, it's all the rage. Stuart's chiropractor urges him to buy more.

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Carved Stone and Terra Cotta

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Japanese Temple Ornament
item: 1208038208926
Edo Period Terra Cotta Temple Ornament
item: 1009291798
A carved marble statue of a maiden, from Argentina.
item: 1007228207
From Argentina, a clay wine vessel from a Jesuit monastery. Has Jesuit inscription. 19th century, iron base is newer.
item: 1007228206
Clay wine vessel from a Jesuit monastery in Argentina. Has Jesuit symbols. Vessel is 19th century, iron stand is newer.
item: 1004075963
Argentina carved marble statue of a saint, circa 1930. Fair to good condition, needs cleaning and base needs repair.
item: 0808540703
Beautiful carved marble angel statue from Argentina, circa 20th century.
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